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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  January 28, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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what the bad guy got away with if anything or if he had help committing the crime. >> i'm lucky it wasn't my house that was hit. >> reporter: the last thing garrick chinn heard was the screeching of a speeding car leaving him with a sense of relief it was over and a bullet hole that hit too close to home. oakland police have a vague description of the suspect so far. they did go door to door in the neighborhood asking for surveillance video anyone might have to get a better look at the criminal. no word what they found. brian webb kpix 5. crime tape blocks off a walgreens where police are investigating a murder. officers say a 25-year-old man was shot just after 9:00 last night in the parking lot of the store on high street. he was hit several times and later died. no suspects have been identified in oakland. police in the east bay are crediting a smart staff and social media for catching the man who opened fire in a
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crowded pub. it happened early sunday morning at red coats pub and restaurant in pleasanton. kpix 5 reporter ryan takeo reports, workers in the bar played a big role in the bust. ryan. >> reporter: hi, liz. witnesses say that the gunman fired over and over inside this busy bar. 7 shots in all and then ran out the back according to witnesses. workers chased him but didn't catch him. then they went to their smartphones to find it. the relative quiet of pleasanton's downtown was disrupted by gunfire early sunday morning. >> very shocking, you know, what happened this weekend. >> reporter: red coach pub and restaurant's co-owner says the pub was packed this weekend. a gunman fired seven shots. most damaged the restaurant. one broke the window another the chandelier. >> one hit a gentleman in the butt. but luckily it was nonlife- threatening and he was taken to the emergency room. >> reporter: when the gunman ran out the back door, three workers chased him to get a better look. >> three of my employees
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trailed him into the parking lot behind enough so they weren't in any danger but ran after him. >> reporter: hours later, police arrested this man, jason landis cab area row. a source with knowledge of the investigation says wait staff and witnesses figured out who the suspect was through his social media account. witnesses knew one of his friends at the bar, that led to the suspect's social media account. >> really lucky just very grateful for one minor nonthreatening injury. >> reporter: today a clean-up crew replaced the window. as the pub tries to get back to normal. we asked police about a motive in this case. they would not say yet. they would just say that people complained throughout the night that the suspect was acting strange and was pacing back and forth throughout the night. they added that they found meth on the suspect when they arrested him 12 hours after the incident. live in pleasanton, i'm ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> the pub's owner says he is
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going to upgrade his security. a san francisco firefighter is filing a claim against the department saying she was wrongfully blamed for killing an asiana crash survivor. after the plane crashed at sfo, 16-year-old ye meng yaun was run over by a fire truck on the runway twice and killed. video from a firefighter's helmet at the scene actually showed the body. the firefighter, a 25-year veteran, claims she was told to take the blame. if the claim is rejected, then the firefighter can file a lawsuit. in less than an hour, president obama will deliver his state of the union address to the nation. and early sneak peek shows that he is planning to push his agenda with or without congress. he will announce an executive order raising the minimum wage for new federal contract workers to $10.10 an hour. he will push congress to raise it for everyone. in an excerpt of the speech, the president emphasizes the
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growing class divide. he says inequality has deepened upward mobility has stalled and even in the midst of recovery, too many americans are working more than ever just to get by. republicans say the president doesn't need to use executive orders. >> congress sometimes is a little slow to action. we are not going to wait for that. >> he wouldn't have to if he actually would try to work with the people's elected representatives. >> the president is also going to introduce more executive action. the bay area will be represented well by mayor ed lee tonight at the state of the union address. lee will have a prime seat in first lady michelle obama's box. the white house formally invites special guests who exemplify ideals and ideas in the state of the union address. san francisco's minimum wage is in fact the highest in the country right now. it was bumped to $10.74 on
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january 1st of this year. san jose trailed close behind with $10.15 an hour. the city of richmond is looking to bump its minimum pay to $11 an hour that could be on the november ballot. and california is on track to raise its minimum pay to $9 an hour this july. it's currently at 8. nba player and stanford grad jason come lins will also join the first lady tonight. collins was the first male athlete in major american professional team sports to come out as openly gay. two boston marathon bombing survivors are also among the special guests. cathy mcmorris rodgers the highest ranking female house republican will deliver the gop's response to president obama's remarks. and we invite you to stay right here for complete coverage of the state of the union address as well as the republican response. you can also live stream the event on followed by
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kpix 5 news at 7:30. the drought emergency has bay area counties and water districts looking into their options. marin county held its forum this morning. leaders presented various plans but nothing is mandatory just yet. reservoirs in the north bay are well below normal right now. there is still hope though they can get the rain they need. but people are being asked to help out. >> hopefully, we'll a sliver of window left for the window rains to happen, it may or may not come but at this point in time, we have asked our customers to do a 25% voluntary conservation. >> it's so dry, the marin municipal water district is pumping in water from phoenix lake. this is the first time that's happened in 20 years. today east bay m.u.d. considered doing something it has never done before. the district is talking about tapping into its emergency supply in sacramento county. it won't get a final answer from the state until next month. the board does plan to discuss
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a voluntary rationing plan at its next meeting. that is scheduled for two weeks from today. meanwhile, the san francisco public utilities commission is asking customers to voluntarily cut down on water usage by 10%. it serves more than 2.5 million customers in four bay area counties. a formal announcement is expected at the end of the week. in the south bay, the santa clara valley water district is examined to take up a water conservation proposal when it meets tonight. and your eyes are not fooling you. this really is rainfall in northern california. showers moved into willits area this morning. there is even a new system moving south toward the bay area. paul deanno is tracking it on our hi-def doppler radar and there's a chance we could actually see some rain by the end of the week? >> yes. there is rain heading in our direction! kpix 5 hi-def doppler looking for that rainfall right now. it's too far away. we had a few showers up in the north, but we are dry
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currently. that's going to change as soon as tomorrow night. rainfall totals from this morning lakeport .02." a couple of drops. geyserville .01" as well as ukiah. still waiting on rainfall in san jose, oakland and napa. by this tomorrow the storm track will sag farther south and the next storm system will make it here to the bay area. that's good news for us and great news for skiers and up towards tahoe in the sierra. we have snow coming above 6,000 feet. 8 to 12" of new snow. a winter storm watch is in effect likely upgraded to a warning tomorrow in the mountains. we'll talk about how much rain coming up in a few minutes. cal fire beefing up its staffing because of this ongoing drought. the unusually dry conditions have raised concerns about wintertime wildfires. so cal fire is adding 125 firefighters to be ready to respond across the state and this means extra engines and
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aerial crews will be available. the deadly h1n1 flu virus takes another young healthy victim. >> you can sleep a flu off in three or four days. this thing took my sister's life in that same time frame. >> the key lesson from the sudden death. >> our offices are currently closed. >> laid off and hung up on. the broken system making it impossible for unemployed californians to get help. ,, ,,,,,,
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a danville woman was home sk e day.. and four d the h1n1 flu strain is spreading fast all around california. a danville woman was homesick one day and four days later she was dead. ann notarangelo with nancy pinel's story and what her family wants you to do. >> she was very sweet and kind. she was kind to everyone. >> she is very classy. >> reporter: everyone who knew nancy thought she was extraordinary. she taught others the joy of giving. >> she had a sweet tooth. she loves to bake. >> reporter: but in other ways
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she was like so many of us and never got a flu shot. >> i'm equally guilty of not getting a flu shot. i'm not old. i'm not young. so why get one? >> reporter: but her family got the tragic answer to that question over the weekend when the otherwise healthy 46-year- old died in a sacramento hospital after contracting the h1n1 flu virus. >> you can sleep a flu off in three or four days and this thing took my sister's life in that same time frame. >> reporter: tuesday, she left work feeling ill. wednesday morning, she went to the doctor and by that night, she was on life support. she died saturday. >> it is fast. we are pushing to get a flu shot because it's not something that you get sick and then you get your shot. you need to have the preventative before. >> i went to school with nancy here in danville. and later we worked together at kpix 5. she is the kind of person you never forget. and her family also wants us to remember how she died.
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>> if her death helps somebody else, that would have made a big impact for her. >> reporter: tracy was one of nancy's best friends and has always been afraid the vaccine would make her sick until now. >> before, it was just in the news. and now it's real. >> reporter: she will join the 75 others who have gotten a flu shot after hearing about nancy's passing. >> there is no reason for me not to. you can get flu shots anywhere now. >> she wouldn't have wanted her life to be without meaning. and i think this gives meaning to her life. [ crying ] >> reporter: all of us can do something for others. some still give after they're gone. in danville, ann notarangelo, kpix 5. >> nancy's doctors told her family the flu shot might not have prevented her from getting sick. but it would have helped her fight off the virus. they are convinced she would be alive today if she had gotten the vaccine. they are unemployed and struggling to get by but instead of getting help from
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the state, thousands of people are getting an answering machine. what's being done to ease the phone frustration? >> and the south gets slammed with a rare blast of ice. the phenomenon causing some strange looking snowballs. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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smith. sergeant smith was tragical
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killed by fellow officer mil maes during an apartment se last week. we're told michael maes does plan on meliam services for sergeant tom smith tajly killed by a fellow officer during an apartment search last week. mellial services are for him tonight. michael maes plans to attend the funeral tomorrow. while hundreds attend the services, authorities from other agencies will assist in monitoring bart stations. a a public viewing will be held 7 to 9 at the chapel of chimes tonight in hayward. the funeral begins at 10 a.m. tomorrow morning at the neighborhood church of castro valley. the bay area's smart tech challenges foundation is laying down a global challenge. a competition to reduce gun violence. it's being held at the st. regis hotel in san francisco. the object to provide incentive for manufacturers to come up with the best gun safety features. here's an alcohol. >> it works with radiofrequency
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technology has to be 10" from the watch. if i'm the authorized user it turns green. somebody else can't use it against me, the light turns red. >> leaders at the competition says it's not about gun control. the winner gets a million dollars. the state agency in charge of unemployment benefits is under fire again. this time, for not answering its telephone. consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains some unemployed folks say getting through is impossible. [ dialing ] >> reporter: for linda, trying to reach the state's unemployment office is a full- time job. >> our offices are currently closed. >> reporter: she says she has been calling them day and night when she was laid off in october trying to find out why her claims haven't been paid. >> i tried first thing in the morning thinking maybe before the lines get backed up. i have tried the last moment. they in fact have numbers for people who speak mandarin or spanish. i have called those. >> reporter: she is not alone.
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>> it's taken me 3 1/2 weeks to get a person on the phone. >> i spend eight hours two days in a row. >> it's a system that's just overloaded. >> reporter: michael used to run the place. he says as the number of californians on unemployment keeps rising, now at 500,000, the agency staffing level keeps falling thanks to federal budget cuts. representatives from the edd wouldn't speak on camera but hope to get money from the state this summer if governor brown's proposed budget is passed. that would be used to improve technology enabling more automated assistance and call backs. >> this is priority number one, two, three, four, five at edd now. >> reporter: so what's an unemployed person to do? >> go to an office is worthless. >> reporter: instead, they recommend applicants use the agency's online system or self- service phone system. but neither helped hager who says she would rather spend her time calling prospective
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employers. >> i want to focus on a new job. >> reporter: this morning an agency manager called her back. she told hager her claim is in order and she should receive her back payments relatively soon. call us at 888-5-helps-u. >> how did you get through? >> we have a special number. a special contact at the edd. >> thank you. here's a look at the construction side of the central subway project in san francisco as a new phase begins. starting today the second tunnel boring machine named big elma will dig 24 hours a day. she will chew up the earth from the south of market area under powell street and the bart station making her way to union square. >> the central subway project will help ease congestion and improve transit and some of our densest corridors in the city. >> this phase of the boring is expected to be finished by springtime. the other boring machine mom chunk is now beginning to dig
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under nob hill towards chinatown. the so-called polar vortex has brought another blast of arctic air to much of the midwest and even into the deep south. there are snow-covered streets in alexandria, louisiana and ice coated cars in bryan, texas. check out these tumbleweed-like snow rollers in ohio. large snowballs formed naturally by the wind. wind chills were expected to hit 50 below zero in places like minnesota. >> wow. no polar vortex here, thank goodness. >> no. thank you. >> but we would rather take what we're getting which is a little bit of rain. >> we would love a little of their precipitation, we'll send them the heat to even it out. we can't trade like that. mother nature doesn't allow that. not enough rainfall around here but changing this week. it is not the sunny and 70 we had for a month straight. instead we're cloudy with temperatures in the 50s and 60s. it's a gradual process. it's not going to happen overnight but it is taking a
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few days and nights to get there. that's a live look from our rooftop. current temperatures outside still above average. we should be in the 50s. so i know it feels cooler. that's because we have been in the 70s. right now in san francisco 60. oakland 64. concord 65. we are 63 degrees currently in san jose and santa rosa. nothing on the radar yet. some of you in the north bay had a sprinkle or two earlier today. that's moved through. the next weathermaker will give us some rainfall. got some video to show you from the napa rivers. roberta was up there earlier today and really? remember we were talking about this last year with flooding? we had too much rainfall? it is very low for this time of year of course. the napa river fed by rainfall. and we are certainly not seeing any of that yet. but that will change later on this week. overnight tonight with mainly cloudy skies, lows in the mid- 40s to low 50s. vallejo, oakland, san francisco staying in the 50s overnight. fremont 46. san jose 48. so let's talk about what's going on in the sky above us. a lot of moisture coming directory hawaii. we want the moisture coming up
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in the south. you get more rainfall. it's not aimed toward us yet. it's all heading up from southwest to northeast. the storm track isn't here yet. it will take some time but when it gets here we'll get some rainfall. that will happen tomorrow night. high pressure sags to the south. the next weather system is closer to us and we'll get the tail end of things and we'll get some rainfall over here. rain moving in by this time tomorrow in the north bay. then another encouraging sign. even though it won't rain for five or six days straight. but the ridge will slide west allowing storms to go up and over and head down around that ridge of high pressure into northern california and the bay area. so we're not going to see that much rainfall from this storm, but long-range prospects are is that is not going to be the only storm in town. we'll see more over the next several weeks. so fingers crossed that actually happens. cloudy, mild tonight, rain gets here tomorrow. on and off rainfall throughout the day on thursday. it will be slippery on the roads. rain won't move out until friday morning. highs tomorrow in the upper 50s
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to mid-60s. mountain view 64. sunnyvale 62. morgan hill 67. san ramon, fairfield 65. vallejo 62. another cloudy day in san rafael high 60. 59 in san francisco. showers tomorrow for lakeport high 58. extended forecast, rain late tomorrow throughout the day on thursday, soggy day. haven't said that in a while. rain moves out friday morning. through the weekend we're dry and then top of next week mid- 60s with mainly sunny skies. so we are not going to end this drought in one week or even one storm. what we want is the pattern to be set up so we get more. >> you say the future looks promising. it looks a whole lot better than it did seven days ago. >> great, thanks, paul. you never want to talk down on a man and to build yourself up and things like that. >> a humbler richard sherman sings a different tune at super bowl media day. his regrets about that rant. >> it's the same odds as
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winning the mega millions. >> a fisherman in tahoe was hoping to make a big catch but instead solved a mystery years in the making. [ sports announcer ] here's another one, alyson dudek.
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rant following the n game. it was media day at the super bowl today. and yes, a lot of questions for seattle's richard sherman about his rant following the nfc championship game. >> i regret it, you know, just attacking a man, you know, attacking it and taking away from my teammates and just you never want to talk down on a man and to build yourself up and things like that so i regret it bad and i regret taking away the attention from my teammates. >> also in the spotlight broncos quarter peyton manning hoping for a second super bowl ring. the game is sunday at metlife stadium in new jersey. a fisherman hoping for a big catch at lake tahoe last week snagged something even morphing. check it out. this waterlogged rusty camera, its memory card was intact,
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though, and filled with more than 1,000 photos showing everything from sporting events to family trips. with the help of facebook the man and his friend posted some of the pictures and were able to track down the owner. >> it's probably the same odds as like winning the mega millions. >> it's just surreal. i just can't believe -- it wasn't found by scuba divers but related in by a guy who thought he caught a fish. that makes it even more cool. >> turns out the woman dropped the camera while sailing on lake tahoe back in 2011. it was discovered about 200 feet of water. we'll be right back. ,, ,,
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coverage of the state of the union address. and stay tuned to kpix 5 after the president's speech for some new stories we're follo "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next followed by live coverage. state of the union address and stay tuned to kpix 5 after the president's speech for new stories we're following at 7:30. also new tonight, working full time hours and still barely getting by the struggles of bay area families in the spotlight as president obama lays out his plan to balance inequality. >> and why it could be the final chapter in a landmark bay area bookstore. we'll have those stories and much, much more coming up at our newscast tonight at 7:30. and thank you for watching. >> remember, the latest news and weather are always on our website, "cbs evening news" with the state of the union address. captions by: caption colorado
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>> pelley: tonight, the state of the union is cold. arctic air sends the mercury plummeting, and snow falling where it rarely does-- in the deep south. reports from manuel bojorquez and elaine quijano. major garrett on the president turning up the heat on republicans tonight, announcing he'll bypass congress to raise the minimum wage for some workers.we'l talk to house budget chairman paul ryan. >> sounds to me like he wants to go around the constitution. >> pelley: and anthony mason remembers folk singer pete seeger, his music and his message.


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